The Guide to Finding the Best PPC Company?

Are you trying to find the top PPC agencies in your area? Our guide lists the best PPC companies globally to help you make the right choice. Additionally, we have covered some common questions that businesses have when looking for a PPC company.

Best PPC Companies Around the World

We know how difficult it can be to select just one PPC company from among thousands operating worldwide. For this reason, we have done the legwork and compiled a list of the top PPC agencies worldwide.

Best PPC companies around the world

India PixelCrayons Noida, Gurugram – India $100-$149/hr 4.9 with 317 reviews
Canada Art & Science Toronto, Canada $150-$199/hr 4.9 with 40 reviews
U.K. Loud Mouth Media Belfast, U.K. $100-$149/hr 4.9 with 60 reviews
Italy Midsummer Agency Cagliari, Italy $100-$149/hr 5.0 with 12 reviews
Ukraine UAWC Agency Kyiv, Ukraine $25-$49/hr 5.0 with 30 reviews
United Arab Emirates VIDEN Dubai, United Arab Emirates $50-$99/hr 4.9 with 22 reviews
India Verbsz Marketing Kakkoor, India $50-$99/hr 5.0 with 58 reviews
Japan Principle Co, Ltd. Chiyoda City, Japan $100-$149/hr 4.9 with 5 reviews
Australia farsiight Brisbane City, Australia $100-$149/hr 5.0 with 66 reviews

More on the Best PPC Agencies in the World

Wondering why these organizations are on our top PPC advertising agencies list? We have listed the valid reasons that make them the best pay per click companies.

Best PPC agency in India: PixelCrayons
Location: Noida, Gurugram – India

Rating: 4.9 with 317 reviews

Why we picked them:

If your company operates in India, PixelCrayons is the best PPC provider. It is an outstanding India-based company with over 370 reviews and a 4.9-star rating on Clutch!

With over 500 digital marketing specialists on staff, PixelCrayons has been achieving success in the field for over 19 years. We have all the expertise and understanding necessary to elevate your PPC throughout that moment.

If you’re still unconvinced of PixelCrayons’ commitment and knowledge, just look at the outcomes we’ve produced for our clients. As a PixelCrayons partner, you can anticipate outstanding outcomes. In addition, PPC and additional digital marketing services like these will be available to you.

Best PPC agency in Canada: Art & Science
Location: Belfast, U.K.

Rating: 4.9 with 60 reviews

Why we picked them:

Loud Mouth Media, one of the best PPC advertising agencies in the UK and Ireland, develops PPC campaigns that outperform the competition. LMM assists its clients in identifying critical data insights to guide their campaigns and produces outcomes through thorough competition and market research. When working with LMM for PPC marketing, you may anticipate receiving services such as:

  • Expert Google Ads consulting and management
  • PPC services combined with SEO insights
  • Microsoft Bing ad management and consulting

Best PPC agency in Italy: Midsummer Agency

Location: Cagliari, Italy

Rating: 5.0 with 12 reviews

Why we picked them:

The marketing specialists at Midsummer Agency are all about blazing bright, not out.

Midsummer’s team provides excellent PPC campaigns, which is evident in its top-notch services, ranging from data-driven PPC campaigns to CRO services and site analytics. These services include:

  • eCommerce PPC management services
  • Targeted leads through CRM integration
  • Lead acquisition strategies

Best PPC agency in Ukraine: UAWC Agency
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Rating: 5.0 with 30 reviews

Why we picked them:

The Kyiv, Ukraine-based UAWC Agency works with various businesses, including lending agencies and gambling companies, and offers PPC and conversion rate optimization (CRO) services.

In addition to receiving excellent PPC results when you work with UAWC, you can view them in real time via the Google Data Studio dashboard they put up for you. Other PPC services provided by UAWC consist of:

  • Google Ads management
  • Paid social media ads (including Meta ads management)
  • Amazon ads management

Best PPC agency in the United Arab Emirates: VIDEN
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rating: 4.9 with 22 reviews

Why we picked them:

VIDEN is a leading pay per click company in Dubai that approaches its advertising campaigns with a customer-centric mindset. Among other honors, the company has been named a Google Premier Partner and Meta Business Partner. With its knowledgeable services, VIDEN is an excellent option for PPC experts, whether using its unparalleled experience or learning from enormous volumes of campaign data. These services include:

  • Facebook advertising agency services
  • Instagram advertising services
  • Advanced ad targeting and personalization
  • Campaign data analytics via Google Analytics 4, Looker Studio, and more

Best PPC agency in India: Verbsz Marketing
Location: Kakkoor, India

Rating: 5.0 with 58 reviews

Why we picked them:

Looking for state-of-the-art PPC advertising services? Verbsz is a digital marketing business specializing in performance-driven PPC ads, so look no further. Verbsz assists its clients in delivering PPC campaigns that captivate their target audiences by using real-time data analysis and customized campaign strategies. Verbsz provides eCommerce PPC management solutions such as:

  • Custom landing pages
  • Creative ad copy creation
  • Lead generation campaign strategy

Best PPC agency in Japan: Principle Co. Ltd.
Location: Chiyoda City, Japan

Rating: 4.9 with 5 reviews

Why we picked them:

Principle Co., Ltd. is a digital marketing agency based in Chiyoda City, Japan, focusing on social media, PPC, and SEO. Principle, which mostly serves mid-sized companies, provides some of East Asia’s top PPC advertising agencies services, such as:

  • Paid search ads management
  • Google Tag management
  • Social media ad creation and management

Best PPC agency in Australia: farsiight

Location: Brisbane City, Australia

Rating: 5.0 with 66 reviews

Why we picked them:

Farsiight, a multiple-award-winning Google Premier Partner, has consistently demonstrated its expertise in PPC optimization for outstanding outcomes. You’ll be dealing with experts because their staff comprises paid advertising specialists rather than “jack-of-all-trades” marketers. You can anticipate the following professional PPC services from the Farsiight team:

  • Paid social advertising
  • A/B testing
  • Daily campaign reporting

What Should You Look for in a PPC Agency?

What should you look for in a PPC agency?

Achieving your PPC objectives depends on selecting the top PPC agencies for your company’s needs. There are various things to take into account when selecting a premier PPC agency to work with:

  • Expertise & experience
  • Deliverables
  • Pricing
  • Results

Expertise & experience

Verify that the SEO and PPC agency you select has the skills and experience to oversee and enhance your PPC campaigns for optimal outcomes. To determine whether the organization has sufficient experience, consider its years of experience and its team’s talent.

Industry experience is a crucial factor when assessing a company’s experience. Does the agency have prior experience in your target market or industry? Have they already collaborated with companies your size that offer comparable goods or services? While general experience is important, it’s even better if an agency can demonstrate that it has worked with companies like yours.


The top PPC agencies should handle every aspect of your PPC requirements, including campaign management, data interpretation, and application assistance. When making your selections, examine the range of services each agency offers and their deliverables.

Keep these questions in mind:

  • What PPC services do they offer?
  • Does this agency only offer PPC services, or do they have other digital marketing offerings?
  • What specific deliverables are listed under their PPC services?


Price should not be the only consideration when choosing a PPC agency, but it should be kept in mind when weighing your options.

While you shouldn’t pick a PPC company that will break the bank, remember that certain companies charge more for a purpose.

You need to examine the range of services each agency offers once more time. But, consider how much they cost. While some agencies have comparable, flexible pricing, others can charge a lot for very little.


In addition to experience, you should feel certain that your PPC partner can assist you in achieving your desired outcomes. Put another way, the business can talk the talk, but can they also follow through with it? Examine the case studies, testimonies, and any other material available from each agency that provides insight into the outcomes of their previous projects. Top PPC advertising agencies should be able to demonstrate outcomes to potential customers.

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