The Guide to Finding the Best SMO Company?

Let’s discuss our social media optimization in digital marketing and why you should use PixelCrayons as your social media marketing agency.

What Do Our Social Media Optimization Services Include?

You may not know what to anticipate while looking for social media for business optimization.

It’s critical to comprehend the contents of a company’s social media optimization packages to select the best plan for your objectives and type of business.

Let’s examine what to anticipate from PixelCrayon’s social media management services.

Social Media Account Audit

If you have posted material on your social media accounts, your social media marketing services bundle will include social media account auditing. Hire SMO experts to review your social media accounts, previous posts, user interactions, and comments.

We’ll use this information to help you create a business plan to make your company more competitive. We will do extensive research to understand market, competitors, and target audience.

Together, you and our team will develop a distinctive social media plan that will support the growth of your company.

In addition, we will also audit your present social media activities. It will help in determining which aspects of your campaign effectively attract new followers and where improvements are required.

Original Social Media Posts

When you partner with a social media management company like PixelCrayons, rest assured that all the creatives requirement will be handled by our experienced team. We’ll work with you to produce real content to engage your existing audience and attract new ones.

Our team of SMO experts will assist you in producing on-brand content that promotes your company and helps readers become acquainted with it. Depending on your plan, you can receive 15 to 75 monthly postings. We’ll help you showcase your goods and services and emphasize your brand with each article.

You always have the option to accept or reject posts to ensure they fit with your business’s objectives and aspirations.

PixelCrayons, the best SMO company, is the ideal social media optimization business to assist you in creating interesting, traffic-generating social media posts.

Custom Images

Your target audience follows numerous companies on social media, so you need to create unique photos that make your brand stand out. When you work with PixelCrayons, a social media advertising and optimization services provider, custom photos are included in your social media success campaigns.

Our design team will create unique images for your social media postings. We’ll work closely with you to come up with creatives that reflect your brand, connect with the right audience, and get a lot of engagement on social media platforms.

Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

When you work with a social media advertising company, you want to know who will assist you with your campaign. Not knowing who to contact regarding your campaign is annoying. Learning about your social media team’s activities and receiving campaign updates becomes challenging when you don’t have a point of contact.

If you select PixelCrayons as your social media optimization partner, you will have a dedicated social media account manager. You’ll always know who to contact with inquiries, worries, or campaign-related ideas. Your social media account manager will update you on your campaign’s status and notify you of any changes.

Our social media specialists are skilled at assisting your campaign in producing worthwhile outcomes for your company. We’ll always keep you informed about the effectiveness of your campaign and assist you in making the most significant adjustments.

Social Media Network Set Up And Optimization

If you haven’t yet created or optimized your social media accounts, an agency specializing in social media optimization in digital marketing can help you get started. We, at PixelCrayons, will help you set up your accounts and complete all the details on your business profiles.

Our staff will assist you with account management so that you can give your followers insightful content about your company.

Brand Reputation Analysis

A company’s brand is an essential element. You want customers to be familiar with and recognize your brand immediately. PixelCrayons’ SMO specialists will examine your brand’s reputation to find out how your audience feels about your business.

We’ll assist you in determining your brand’s worth and reputation. Our group will search your social media accounts for unfavorable remarks or postings. Based on this data, we suggest establishing a reliable reputation.

We’ll present you with a thorough plan that helps you establish credibility and gain the audience’s trust. Our staff will consider these recommendations when creating your campaign to ensure you implement a successful social media strategy.

In-depth Competitor Analysis

In addition to examining your own company, you must examine your rivals. Many of your rivals will use social media to interact with the same audience. Check your competitors’ strategies for audience engagement if you want to succeed with social media advertising.

PixelCrayons can present you with a thorough competitor study to assist you in understanding the performance of your competitors. Our staff will help you identify your competitors’ flaws and offer advice on how to turn such problems into advantages for your company.

You’ll start the most effective campaign against your competitors with the help of our competitor analysis. Our group will assist you in staying competitive on social media with these businesses.

Data-driven Social Strategy

Data has enormous value for your company. It can help you attract the ideal clients. At PixelCrayons, we utilize your data to inform the development of unique, data-driven social media campaigns.

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies make it simple for us to create a plan that benefits your company. We’ll assist you with using your data to generate more leads for your social media pages.

Advanced Marketing Technology

An effective social media marketing plan needs two essential elements: a capable team of professionals and the appropriate tools to carry out the task. We have both of those elements at PixelCrayons. With the help of our cutting-edge marketing technology, we can create campaigns that provide desirable outcomes.

Using our cutting-edge marketing platform, we can help you create a data-driven campaign using machine learning. We use data related to your business to help you create a successful social media marketing plan.

You can also manage your social media efforts. This technology can ensure that you produce outcomes that add value and advance your company.

Regular Social Media Monitoring

We will monitor anything you post on your social media accounts. Social media monitoring is included in our social media marketing services packages. We will regularly assess the effectiveness of your posts for your company.

Your strategist will keep an eye on each post’s effectiveness. Our strategists look at reach, engagement, and other things. We will gather this data to assist us in better optimizing your social media marketing.

With this procedure, our team can determine whether some posts are more successful than others. It will direct us to create more worthwhile content for your readers that increases page interaction.

Monthly Consultations

Transparency is important to our business. We want you to be aware of the progress of your social media efforts at all times. For this reason, we meet with each client once a month.

Our packages for social media marketing services include monthly meetings with your assigned social media specialist. We’ll discuss the overall success of your campaign.

We will also talk about possible adjustments and enhancements we may make to your campaign. You may get the most out of your social media strategy by following this approach, which will help you maximize it.

Monthly Reports

In addition to monthly consultations, you will receive a monthly report that breaks out the performance of your social media campaign. Your strategist will review this report to help you understand the accomplishments and opportunities for developing your social media strategy.

This report is also portable. A copy will be sent to you so that you may inform your staff about your social media initiatives and share it with them. Our reports are transparent, so you can be sure you will be aware of all campaign developments and how they impact your company.

What do our social media advertising optimization services include?

We provide social media advertising services in addition to social media marketing. With social media advertising, your company can connect with more potential customers who have yet to find you.

At PixelCrayons, we provide continuous advertising optimization services on the following networks:


Facebook is one of the most often used channels for business advertising. It allows you to reach people interested in your company but haven’t followed your page yet.

You can select the appropriate marketing goals with the assistance of our team of specialists. Here, you can focus on:

  • Brand awareness
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Store visits

These objectives give the freedom to run a variety of campaign types. We at PixelCrayons will assist you in identifying the campaign objectives that best suit your company’s requirements. As your needs evolve, we’ll continuously optimize this objective.

Additionally, our staff will assist you in selecting the best format for your campaign. We’ll work with you to produce eye-catching images and persuasive copy to pique readers’ interest in your company. You’ll collaborate with specialists to continuously improve the performance of your Facebook advertising efforts.


Twitter is another excellent social media advertising outlet for audience engagement. It is a great venue to employ if you can convey your point in the fewest possible words. Due to the 280-character limit, this platform works well for firms that want to get straight to the point.

We will assist you in optimizing your campaigns with Twitter advertising services to achieve a variety of objectives, such as:

  • Increase traffic (to the website or Twitter page)
  • Increase engagement
  • Build awareness
  • Increase video sales
  • Earn new followers
  • Gain app installs
  • Gain app re-engagements

Our group will assist you in identifying the advertising objectives that complement your overall social media plan and assess your campaigns to see if they produce the desired outcomes.


Instagram is a fantastic visual media medium for audience engagement. Instagram prioritizes photo and video sharing between users and their followers. It’s a fantastic platform for business promotion and providing visual information about your offerings to your target market.

Our team of social media experts will assist you in crafting captivating and captivating Instagram ads. To ensure you’re releasing the greatest possible representation of your business, we’ll work with you to develop the language and images for each advertisement. Our staff will optimize your advertising campaigns to help you bring the most valuable visitors to your page.

Initially, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate advertising objective for your Instagram ads. You can establish a wide range of goals for your advertising campaign, such as:

  • Conversions
  • App installs
  • Engagements
  • Video views
  • Awareness

We’ll assist you in optimizing your campaign to meet these objectives. Our team will monitor your campaign’s status to see if it produces the greatest results for your company. We’ll evaluate your advertising approach to identify areas for improvement and provide solutions.


LinkedIn is an excellent social networking channel for those seeking to connect with other professionals or companies. As part of your social media optimization package, our social media experts will assist you in making the most of this professional network.

We’ll begin by helping you choose the best format for your marketing campaign. This is an important phase since it sets the stage for campaign optimization. Choose one of the following options:

  • Sponsored Content: Sponsored listings that show up in the feed.
  • Sponsored InMail: LinkedIn advertisements delivered right to a prospect’s inbox.
  • Text Ads: Ads that only appear on desktop versions of LinkedIn’s feed in certain places.

Our team of professionals will assist you in choosing the ideal ad format for LinkedIn advertising.


Pinterest is another excellent visual tool for attracting leads and encouraging them to look into your company. Our team of Pinterest-savvy professionals can assist you in developing an engaging advertising plan that will encourage more Pinterest users to check out your company.

We’ll assist you in choosing the appropriate target and optimizing the campaign to meet your goals. Pinterest offers a variety of goals, such as:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase traffic
  • Download your app

Any of these aims can assist you in achieving your overall social media marketing goals. Pinterest allows your company to target customers with specific keywords and phrases. We’ll help you fine-tune your campaign to focus on keywords your target demographic utilizes.

Our specialists will continuously improve your Pinterest campaign to share the greatest images and content that piques your audience’s interest and encourages interaction.

When you work with a social media optimization company like PixelCrayons, you have a complete Pinterest plan. This plan enables you to regularly optimize your advertising efforts to use social media to promote your brand.

When to Choose an SMO Company?

It is crucial to know when to start looking for the services of a Social Media Optimization (SMO) company. It can maximize your online presence and achieve your business objectives.

social media optimization company

The following are reasons to choose an SMO company:

Lack of Expertise: If your team isn’t as experienced with social media optimization (SMO) tactics, tools, and platforms, you may want to consider hiring an SMO company. These businesses guarantee that your social media efforts produce the most possible returns by specializing in using social media platforms.

Desire for Professional Strategy: An SMO company can help you take advantage of its experience and understanding of the nuances of audience targeting, content optimization, and social media algorithms. They can create a customized plan that aligns with your company’s goals.

Limited Time: Hiring an SMO business can benefit if your team lacks the time or resources to manage and optimize your social media presence. They can manage every facet of social media, from scheduling and content development to analytics and engagement tracking.

Need for Growth: Collaborating with a social media marketing agency (SMO) can help you progress toward your goals of growing your social media presence, reaching new audiences, and driving growth. Their proficiency in performance monitoring, content improvement, and audience targeting will help you accomplish your growth goals.

Optimization of Resources: Outsourcing your SMO operations to a professional business may maximize your resources and yield a better return on investment (ROI). You can use an SMO company’s help to get better results with less money by managing social media instead of hiring and training internal staff.

How to Find the Best SMO Company?

A strong social media presence is essential for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. However, given the variety of options available, finding the best social media optimization (SMO) company can be tough. 

Here are some key factors to consider to help you choose one easily:

Industry Experience: Look out for an SMO company with a lot of experience related to your field. They will better understand your target market and trends unique to your sector.

Proven Track Record: Review the company’s portfolio and client testimonials to assess its prior accomplishments and the outcomes they’ve produced for other clients.

Multiple Services: Verify that the SMO company provides extensive services like content production, community management, social media strategy building, and analytics tracking.

Customized Approach: Select an SMO company that develops a specialized approach based on your target market, business objectives, and market research.

Transparency and Communication: Select a business that values open communication and regularly updates you on the status of your social media initiatives.

Use of Analytics: Seek out a social media marketing organization that uses data analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and make informed decisions about ongoing development.

Value and Affordability: Consider the overall value offering of SMO companies, including the caliber of their services, level of experience, and likelihood of long-term success.

Choose the best social media optimization agency like PixelCrayons for unparalleled results in social media campaigns. As a full-service digital marketing company, we specialize in driving sales and leads with our expert team. Ready to make a splash? Contact us today!

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