Guide to Finding the Best Digital Marketing Company

Discover essential tips and insights to navigate the process of finding the best digital marketing company. This guide provides valuable information to assist you in making informed decisions.

How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Company?

Best Digital Marketing Company

Online marketing companies, or the best digital marketing agencies, can help you beat rivals, save time, or get superior results.

Check out our suggestions for selecting the best digital marketing agency if you’re seeking additional guidance:

Investigate the agency’s own digital performance

The best digital marketing agencies will follow their own advice.

Examining an agency’s online marketing approach can reveal information about their skill level. For example, check that company’s rank in related search results to see if it ranks first or misses the top ten.

There are a few reasons why an agency might not rank:

  • They don’t target that keyword in their online marketing strategy
  • They lack the committed employees to complete it.

In the above–mentioned instances, it’s not always terrible for an agency to score poorly for relevant keywords.

For example, they might not have a specialized staff to handle their internet marketing plan. Rather, each person on their team is providing client service. On the other hand, a small agency can ask each employee to participate in the agency’s digital marketing plan.

You must apply this advice carefully. Don’t let it be the decisive element in your choice.

Ask how the agency measures client success

Bonus Tips for Finding the Best Digital Marketing Company

A major component of digital marketing is tracking.

That’s why the best digital marketing agencies all have their own tracking tools! An agency must monitor the outcomes of its web marketing campaigns to provide the greatest outcomes for you and them.

Many agencies decide to use third-party solutions for this purpose. None of these technologies are created, managed, or marketed by digital marketing agencies. It indicates that the program has its own set of guidelines, constraints, and features. For certain digital marketing agencies, that might be effective.

The best digital marketing company will have its own software to meet the needs of its clients.

It offers two significant benefits:

The agency prices everything first. Never will a service cost you extra because a third-party developer chose to raise their rates.

Second, the agency is directly in charge of maintaining the tools. In other words, in the event of a server outage or technical difficulty, their team works immediately on the issue to get you back up and running as soon as possible, rather than waiting for you to call customer care.

An organization that develops its own tools also has a greater understanding of how those technologies operate. It doesn’t have to conduct studies to determine how to accomplish a task or consult with other businesses for advice.

The agency can track something new if you wish to, and it will take care of adding a new dimension to your marketing.

Knowing when your marketing techniques are effective is much easier when an agency has its own suite of tracking tools!

For instance, PixelCrayons monitors competitors, nurtures leads, customizes web experiences, and tracks every facet of its online marketing strategy, including return on investment.

Look into the agency’s growth

The best digital marketing company is successful by definition. It implies that the agency will consistently generate fresh leads for its clients and itself!

The top agencies will disclose this on their websites. Transparency is crucial because it demonstrates their lack of secrets and pride in their achievements.

Agencies can disseminate this information through a ticket, sign, image, video, or any other medium demonstrating the agency’s continuous progress.

For instance, PixelCrayons showcases our clients’ and our work’s accomplishments. This page lists the leads, sales, and phone calls we have produced for our clients and explains how those results were achieved.

To select the best digital marketing agency for your company, keep reading! Alternatively, you may contact us online to discover what our digital marketing consulting services can do for you.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Using a digital marketing agency services has various advantages, including:

  • Saving time for other obligations so that you can concentrate on them
  • Increasing lead generation and sales with your digital marketing
  • Putting your company ahead of both new and existing rivals
  • Increasing digital marketing’s return on investment (ROI)
  • Assisting your business in utilizing cutting-edge tactics like geofencing advertising

Make sure you do the homework, take feedback, and discuss your requirements in detail before hiring a digital marketing agency.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

Determine what your company needs

First, consider the following inquiries:

  • What are your goals for using digital agency services?
  • Which services are you in need of?
  • What should be included in your service plan?
  • Would you prefer to collaborate with a local agency?
  • For your service requirements, do you wish to work with a single agency or several of them?
  • Would you like to collaborate with an expert, such as a healthcare marketing firm?
  • What is the amount you set aside each month?

Addressing these queries can help you better understand your business’s requirements and set the right expectations from a digital marketing agency. For instance, if you decide to work with a local agency, you can instantly focus your search on the local area.

However, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

If collaborating with numerous business marketing agencies is acceptable, consider any possible disadvantages. For example, you’ll need to communicate with multiple account managers and inform them about your varied offerings and plans.

Read every agency’s reviews and testimonials

The top digital marketing firms have a ton of endorsements and reviews.

For instance, at PixelCrayons, we have over 1000 client endorsements for the awesome work we did for them. Even though some of these reviews are nearly ten years old, we still do business with those companies!

You can tell an agency means business when you see hundreds of testimonials. They are concerned with long-term outcomes, enduring success, and solid customer connections rather than making quick money.

Keep an eye out for the following mentions when perusing reviews and testimonials:

  • The result the firm achieved for the customers.
  • The degree of correspondence the organization offered.
  • The agency’s reporting procedure.
  • The possibility that the client will suggest the agency.

Remember that there will be some unfavorable evaluations for even the best digital marketing company.

Use those unimpressive evaluations to learn more about the business. For instance, why and how did they underdeliver for the client? Check the date the review was posted for context. If the problem wasn’t mentioned in more recent reports and happened a few years ago, the agency most likely made some changes.

Research the agency’s experience and talent

When you partner with the best digital marketing agency, your company will have access to some of the most skilled marketers in the industry. Investigate the team members to understand you’re looking at one of the best digital marketing agencies.

Typically, the agency will include team members with a variety of specializations, such as:

  • Social media
  • Paid advertising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Local SEO
  • Web design
  • Outreach

PixelCrayons employs over 500 digital marketing experts in specialized teams for sponsored search, social media, copywriting, and web design. Our diversified workforce makes us one of the best digital marketing companies for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs).

If you look into digital marketing agencies, you’ll discover that smaller ones function in various fields and only employ a small number of digital marketers. These marketers lack a focused area of expertise, frequently leading to general methods that fall short of your expectations.

Learn how the agency measures client success

While searching for the best digital marketing company, you should investigate the agency’s methods for measuring client performance. Which key performance indicators (KPIs) do they examine, and are they aligned with your company’s objectives?

For example, KPIs include:

  • Time on page
  • Click-through rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Cost-per-click
  • New, returning, and unique visitors

The best digital marketing companies typically consider a variety of KPIs. The objectives of your business will also determine its focus on KPIs. They will adjust your approach and KPI focus to that objective, for example, if your goal is lead generation rather than quick sales.

See how the agency promotes itself and its prices

Cost is an important consideration even when finding a marketing agency.

The best agencies will frequently disclose their costs or offer open proposals that include information about their fees and deliverables. In comparison, inferior agencies will highlight how “cheap” their services are.

Many would disclose their monthly cost upfront, such as $99, but once you join them, they frequently add unforeseen costs and hidden charges to your account. In certain instances, your business can wind up spending more than it would have if you had chosen a more expensive agency.

When discussing your company’s online marketing budget and considering your options, remember: You want a straightforward, transparent agency, and the best will also have a reasonable budget.

Get Started With the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Get Started With the Best Digital Marketing Agency

We at PixelCrayons want to be the best every single day, and we understand what makes the best digital marketing agency.

We believe long-term outcomes are the best measure of a successful digital marketing campaign. Our 91% client retention rate indicates that we are not in this industry to make a quick buck; we hope to collaborate with you for many years to come.

When you collaborate with us, your success is our success. We will treat you as an extension of the PixelCrayons team, not just a client.

Get in touch with us right now to arrange your unique plan!


Do you have any more inquiries concerning locating the best digital marketing agencies? Look over our FAQ!

What does a digital marketing agency do?

Online marketing services from a digital marketing agency assist companies (or clients) in reaching objectives that can include customer retention, sales, and brand recognition. Typical components of these services include continuing optimizations, regular reporting, and customized methods.

How much do the best digital marketing agencies cost?

The monthly fees of the best digital marketing services can range from $2500 to $12,000. Your services, service plans, and agency all affect this rate. For example, your business’s requirements can require spending over this amount.

When should I outsource my digital marketing?

Many organizations, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, argue whether to outsource or retain their digital marketing in-house. Although outsourcing your internet marketing is something you may do at any moment, you should think about it in the following situations:

  • When you can’t control your strategy
  • When budget prohibits you from hiring an internal marketing
  • When your internet marketing isn’t producing the desired effects

Generally speaking, hiring a seasoned agency to handle your Internet marketing will increase the ROI of your digital marketing initiatives. You will have access to a committed marketing team with the resources, know-how, and instruments needed to meet your business’s objectives.

What services should the best digital marketing agencies offer?

A full-stack online marketing solution ought to be provided by the top digital marketing firms. This indicates that they are full-service agencies that offer all of the Internet marketing services that most businesses require, ranging from social media marketing to web design.

Here are a few services that we offer at PixelCrayons:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • SEO Web design and web development

Working with a full-service agency is beneficial even if you just need one service, like SEO. You can try or access new services as your business expands without changing agencies. Moreover, you may centrally store all of your point-of-contact lists and plans.

Client Success Stories

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