What All It Takes To Create An App Like GOQii? Do you want to create an m-Health app? Then let us discuss all that you must know

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The above is the most common question asked by health tech-startups.. Don’t worry; I have carefully figured out some fantastic things exclusively for you. Keep reading to know more.

The world is facing a Coronavirus pandemic, and amid this, we have been walloped by the realization that m-Health apps are essential. Also, in the past few years, the health tech industry has seen an exciting increase in the adoption of mobile applications.

As per recent mobile app development stats, the increase in the usage of the health and fitness app in the last three years is 330%. In addition to this, 75% of active users go through the app twice per week, and the rest 25% of users go through it at least ten times a week.

Do you also want to earn big with your healthcare mobile app? Do you wish to create a mHealth app like GOQii? Do you want to know which mobile app development company in India can help you with this? Then this blog is perfect for you. This blog covers all that you need to know about the development of your app. 

Let us begin with one of the most common questions,

What is GOQii all about?

Headquartered in California, GOQii is one of the leading smart and preventive healthcare ecosystems launched by smart-tech preventive healthcare companies with a unique “Contact Tracing” system.

The best part about this app is that it can help users to track those who are in close contact. Such a feature proves to be essential during this quarantine period. Amazing, isn’t it?

But that’s not all; this ecosystem combines a fitness app with an app, a care team with personal trainers, experienced doctors, and certified health care experts.

Since they have collaborated with top diagnostic centers and labs, hence, this app provides users with the privilege of obtaining the best-recommended health checkups done from home. The diagnostic report can be seen by the user from the band as well.

The mobile app development companies have done a great job in researching and then integrating a health locker which allows the users to keep their data safely on unlimited cloud storage and access their health records anytime, anywhere.

Did You Know? With a user rating of 4.3 and 1,000,000 plus downloads, GOQii has already taken the health tech industry to a new level. 

This app has set an ideal example for the health tech industry. So now here are few essential tips that will lead you to create a winning m-Health app like GOQii.

Must-have Features to Create a Health App like GOQii

As we know, GOQii is designed to go far beyond the basic tracking and monitoring activities of the users. Therefore it is integrated with some outstanding features. For any SDLC, this is the most crucial part. This is because the functionality and development cost of app like GOQii majorly depends on the features you add.

The average development cost for developing a mobile app like GOQii can be starting from $50,000 and go up to an excessive amount. However, if you are planning to hire a mobile app developer, then here is a list of features that you can follow for the development of your mobile application.

Basic Features Of GOQii App

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Here are some basic features of GOQii that you can implement in your health app like GOQii.

Login/ SignUp: 

Allowing users to get access to your app only once they have signed up helps you keep track of genuine users. You can then plan your strategies accordingly. You can also add the provision of signing up for the app through their social media ids such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Gmail ID.

Unique User Profiles:

The app gives users the privilege of generating their profiles where they can create fields as short, simple, and straightforward. You can even give users a choice if they want to keep their profile visible to the public or not. 

User Dashboard:

Through the app dashboard, users can track their health progress through a report generated in the form of graphs or data or other personal information.


This option allows users to search for the doctors related to the type of disease and can directly discuss their health concerns. Following the footprints of GOQii, you can customize the search option with auto-completion of words and suggestions to add more feasibility for the users.

Push Notification:

Allowing users to set reminders for their regular workout and meditation sessions or medication dosage increases customer loyalty. Push notifications will remind you of the same without any miss.

Performance Tracker: 

The GOQii fitness band is integrated with various fitness tracking features including GOQii HR, GOQii Run-GPS, and other GOQii elements that help this wireless device track attributes like footsteps, heartbeat, calories burned etc.

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Activity Feed:

This feature is seen as the most essential yet basic feature of GOQii fitness band ecosystem. It provides real insights into the user’s activities. With just one tap, the user can see the stream of actions they have performed in the sequential or chronological order.

Wide Choice of Doctors:

The GOQii clone is backed by professional practitioners and specialists who are available on the app on customer requests to provide paid health consultations.

Payment Processing:

The in-built payment process system allows patients to make payments directly through the app and access the premium services available on the app.

Wearable Device Connection:

With the use of the advanced technology of the Internet of Things (IoT), this feature is used to connect with the fitness band so that the users can easily monitor their entire activity without any interruption.

These were some basic features of the GOQii mobile application. But do you know the advanced features of this app? No? Then let us discuss the advanced features of GOQii, which made it famous.

Advanced features of GOQii

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Reward Points:

Just like GOQii, you can also add this feature of giving reward points to your customers. This helps in increasing customer loyalty and engagement. These reward points can be given in the form of seasonal offers, flash sales, and cash points which can be redeemed by the user while purchasing any product or service provided by the app.

Play-Video Personal Coaching:

GOQii has become the first Indian fitness mobile app that provides the provision of a personal coach. This facility is for each user and helps them stay motivated and successful in achieving their health goals.

Reporting And Analysis:

This is another outstanding feature of GOQii, which provides regular updates on app behavior, app issues, network bottlenecks, and app crashes.

Health Locker:

Every good Android and iOS app development company in India will suggest you incorporate this feature into your mobile app like GOQii. This feature allows users to store their health reports and prescriptions on unlimited cloud storage securely. They can even share it directly with the coaches, doctors, and experts.


The Arena feature is a social feature of the GOQii app and allows users to discover and make new friends, share fitness stories or experiences, habits, healthcare goals, and other motivational stories inspiring each other to work better. 


With advanced features like Karma, GOQii encourages users to walk, earn, and donate points for the social cause boosting the health of the community.

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What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of App like GOQii?

By now, you must have thought that developing an app like GOQii is as simple as hiring android developers or hiring iOS developers and integrating all the above-mentioned features. Isn’t it?

If yes, then my dear friend, you are highly mistaken. There are many more factors that affect the development cost of a mobile application.

Four things affect the total development cost:

  • Feature integration
  • Development duration
  • Choice of the platform for which the app is built
  •  Hourly rate of the developer

Let us discuss them all in detail.

The Complexity of the App:

This means the app you are planning to get designed is of a basic level, medium level, or advanced level. The beginning of any app development life cycle requires research where you need to figure out what kind of application you are planning to get and what you want to achieve through it.

If you are a startup in the health tech industry, then it is better to go with a basic app structure. This structure includes necessary yet straightforward features with a standard UI design.

You can hire app developers and get a basic app under the lowest price and cost that can be starting from around $10,000  to $15,000. Such apps take about 200-300 hours to complete.

For mid-sized companies, things can go a level up. If you are a mid-sized health tech company, you can include all the necessary features in your app like in-built payment processing, back-end server, dashboard, weekly/ monthly report, and analysis features.

All this may cost you around $20,000 to $30,000 and can be completed under 300-500 working hours.

And if you are planning to invest in the advanced level of this app, you can hire app developers & can consider adding the following: excellent user interface, seamless wearable devices, a wide range of doctors to choose from, health experts, pharmacy assistance, secure payment gateways, API integrations, multi-language support and much more. 

The advanced level and modern health app can be developed under a cost of $50,000 to $70,000. The time duration required may range from 700 to 900 working hours.

Choice of the Platform:

Being a health-tech business, you are free to choose which platform you are willing to target, Native, or Cross-platform. 

There are more than 4 million apps on Google play store and iOS app store, so targeting both the audience with a single app would be a smarter choice. You can go with the cross-platform app.

You can keep the features simple hence it will cost you between $10,000 to $50,000 depending on the requirements of your business. Also, you can choose from the following languages: Flutter, React Native, Angular, and Vue. You can hire cross-platform mobile app developers.

But if you are working under a crisp budget and have less time, you can target one platform at a time, i.e. either Android or iOS.

Development Team:

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There is a fixed hourly rate for the development team you hire. Also, you won’t deny the fact that nothing can beat the expertise, resources, and skill set of a professional software development company in India.

To develop an app like GOQii, the team you will be needing and the company you will be giving your project to must be working on the latest technologies, methodologies, and must have skilled teams.

The team needed for an app like GOQii health app is:

  • Project Head with an hourly cost of $18-20
  • App developers with an hourly fee of $35-37
  • Back-end developers with an hourly price of $20
  • UI/UX developers with an hourly cost of $15
  • QA engineer with an hourly charge of $20
  • App maintenance experts with an hourly fee of $25

Where to go next?

With significant advancement in technology, the health sector has also changed its way of working. Increased integration of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning helps in keeping track of one’s health records. Seeking the right consultation in time has also become more comfortable than before. 

If you are into the health-tech industry or are planning to get started with it, you should stop using conventional methods. Invest in a health & fitness app like GOQii. With all the details mentioned above, we hope we have done our part. 

If you want to discuss your idea, you can get in touch with the expert mobile app development company in India. Only an expert can help you come with a great solution. 

If you have any more questions or queries, comment below. Till then, stay healthy!

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Frequently asked questions


Ques 1- Are the prescriptions given on health apps reliable?

Ans 1- The health app does not give you any prescription. They provide you a platform where you can pay and consult a doctor. The app owner takes responsibility for the genuineness of the doctor.


Ques 2- Which mobile OS is perfect for my health and fitness app project?

Ans 2- Android and iOS both are a great bet for your health and fitness app project. If you have a bigger budget you can go with a cross-platform application too.


Ques 3- Is my idea safe with the development company?

Ans 3-  For your idea to be in safe hands, you must go with a reliable firm. At PixelCrayons, we sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to keep your idea safe until it is turned into a reality.


Ques 4- How long will it take to create an app?

Ans 4- At Pixelcrayons, we address time concerns by completing mobile app development in significantly less time.  Our development process is quite easy to understand that we can provide services to our customers in less than half the time.


Ques 5- Where can I hire a mobile app developer?

Ans 5- You can hire the best mobile app developer from PixelCrayons. The company has successfully completed over 13800+ projects which is enough to tell how experienced and skilled the developers at PixelCrayons are.


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