How to Create an App like Instashop? Get the Answer Here

As per a study conducted by Forbes, it is estimated that grocery apps usage will increase by almost 50% by individuals, and people will order food from online grocery and food stores. The Covid Pandemic has also significantly boosted the growth of eCommerce and delivery apps.

Although the world is finally witnessing the silver lining in vaccine form, avoiding crowded places has become a part of the culture for developed and developing nations. With contactless delivery options, mobile apps are witnessing tremendous use in daily life.

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Source: Statista

Among the main reasons is the convenience that individuals get with such apps. People love that they can easily order fresh food from the grocery apps and get it delivered at their doorsteps without any hassle.

The “click and get model” has become quite famous among users. Apart from this, some grocery apps allow you to “order and collect from store options.” It becomes beneficial to the users who personally need to check the quality and freshness of meat and vegetables. It develops trust and connection between the shopkeeper and the buyer. And the buyer saves time otherwise wasted on handpicking and getting in line.

Market Growth of Grocery Apps

The grocery-related mobile apps like Grofers, Grocway, Bigbasket, Living Organic, Instashop have already made it huge in the global grocery market.

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The stats show the online grocery shopping sales in the US from 2018 to 2023. It is estimated that the sales would reach about $59.5 Billion by the year 2023.

With these figures and stats, it is pretty evident that the future of grocery delivery apps is shining in the coming years.

Thus the time is ideal for you to invest in an excellent online grocery app and hire mobile app developers for this task.

Market research and in-depth analysis are the keys to the success of any web development project. To make your task easy, I will explain how you can create an app like Instashop.

In order to make your task easy, I will explain to you how you can create an app like Instashop.

What is Instashop?

Instashop is an online grocery delivery app that offers you a seamless grocery experience by ordering groceries to your doorstep in less than 30 mins. You need not go to the supermarket and just order them at your convenience without any problem. Not only grocery, but it also provides you the cleaning professionals within 2 hours.

develop app like instashopInstashop is an online grocery delivery app that offers you a seamless grocery experience by ordering groceries to your doorstep in less than 30 mins. You need not go to the supermarket and command them at your convenience without any problem. Not only grocery, but it also provides you the cleaning professionals within 2 hours.

Customers get the option to pay via cash or credit, hence increasing the flexibility of the service.

Let’s detail the app to know what all sections are necessary for a grocery app like Instashop.

  • Great UI/UX: An app should provide a great feel and efficiency to the user. Hence, it is imperative to focus on the look and design of the app. A crisp and feature-rich app enables the user to sign up and register quickly.
  • Categorizing the products is essential: To provide a great shopping experience to the customers and help them correctly choose the kind of groceries they need, the classification of the products is crucial and is excellent in the Instashop app.
  • Various payment methods: It is necessary to include multiple modes of payment in a grocery app to provide instant and secure transactions to the users. If the transaction gets declined and the sum gets deducted, the money is refunded to the source account.
  • A Powerful backend: A powerful backend is necessary so that the store owner has control over the functioning of the application and can also manage the stock of the products.

Other features that make this app unique are on-time delivery, advanced search options, store locator, etc.

How Does a Grocery App Work?

Here is an infographic explaining the working of a grocery app:

working of grocery app

Check this complete case study on how a grocery app like Living Organic was created.

Does an app like Instashop give a boost to your business?

Do I really need a grocery app?

What benefits does it hold for my business?

Will I be able to make money?

These are common questions everyone has before investing their time & money to create an app (at least I did).  Find the answers here.

What are the Benefits of having a Grocery App like Instashop?

As per the latest reports, mobile app downloads have steadily increased over the past few years. This number has reached $218 billion in 2020 and is to grow to $258 billion in a couple of years 2022.

mobile app downloads

As per the same report, mobile apps are to hit $935.2 billion in revenue by 2023.

mobile app revenue

Hence, it is logical to invest in a mobile app like grocery since food is necessary for every individual. Every individual would start using an online grocery app shortly.

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Benefits that the Businesses get with Grocery Apps:

As per a report by CNBC, online grocery sales will hold 20% of the market by the year 2025. According to another account, the usage of online grocery apps will increase by 70% by 2025.

Apps like Amazon, Walmart has made it huge in the online grocery market and have gained the maximum benefits like:

  • Direct contact: With the help of an online grocery app, the retailers can directly contact the app owners to list their products online. They need not rent a shop to sell their products. It saves their money.
  • Build better customer relationships: The online grocery apps can help you get feedback from the customers and collect more data. What products you put on display for your audience matters a lot to build your online presence. Hence, with the online apps, you can get direct feedback from the customers and implement the changes accordingly as per their preferences.

How can you Create an Online Grocery App like Instashop?

Let us cover the several steps needed in creating online grocery apps. What factors do you need to keep in mind when developing a grocery app? How much does it cost to develop a grocery app, how can you earn from these apps, etc.?

Following factors you must keep in mind when creating a grocery app:

  • Understand what sort of business model do you need for a grocery app
  • Fix the particular type (customer, administrator, delivery person) of the app that you need for your business
  • Understand the customer’s pain area and design the app
  • Important features that you need
  • Set a monetization strategy to earn from your app
  • The cost involved developing a grocery app

Let’s explore each of these points in detail:

1. What business model should you choose?

In the world of grocery apps, there are four types of apps that you must know about.

2. Understand the type- Customer app, administrator app, delivery person’s app

When creating a grocery app, you can’t just choose the business model and get done with it. Every app has three sides.

Customer App

Administrator App

App for the delivery person

This is the app for the customer

This is controlled by the admin of the delivery app

This is for the person making the delivery

User must be able to sign in, set the profile, be able to choose the particular store to order from, be able to use the location feature to add the complete address, able to use the search filter, add the product to the cart, finally be able to move to the payment section. 

Admin should be able to view the complete order list & notify the stores about them, managing inventory feature needs to be added, as per availability admin must be able to accept/reject an order, stores must be able to get complete amount once the delivery is done. 

The delivery person should be able to sign in the app, there should be a list of completed deliveries and online deliveries, notification to let them know when they receive a new order, a feature of turning on/off delivery status, GPS navigation to find the location of store and delivery address. 

Different kinds of payment methods for the users to choose from, wallet-optional feature, return/refund option, able to schedule the order as per their convenience, real-time order tracking, previous orders information, many other features like- add reviews, ratings, check deals, offers, chat/call to customer support

The admin should be able to read the ratings and reviews provided by the customers on services and products

Messaging feature for the customer to connect with the delivery person, get the payment easily after the delivery, must be able to check the history of the orders that are received and delivered. 

3. Understand the pain area of the customer

Just like any app, you must understand the pain area of your targeted audience. In the case of an online grocery app, you must ask these questions to yourself: Why would anyone use an online grocery app? What are the benefits of an online app providing to the customers as compared to the stores? Once you answer these questions, you need to stay one step ahead in the design process. You need to provide a better design to make the shopping experience smooth and easy for the user.

4. Best UI/UX and design of the app

You can check below the creation of a famous online grocery app in India- Bigbasket. They have focussed on a clean and crisp design of the app to be easily visible to the users. They have also used vibrant colors in the design to make the app look fresh. Remember, the more clean and vibrant your app is, the more people will love it.

5. Become friends with your competitors

Sounds weird? But this can be a smart move indeed. You must install and use the grocery apps of your competitors who are doing great in the market to understand their process and flow. Consider yourself as the user and jot down the best and worst features of their apps. Once you get them, implement the missing elements in your grocery app to make it stand out in the crowd.

6. Provide personalized experience to the users

People want their needs to get heard. Hence, it is imperative to keep the users’ needs in priority while designing a grocery app. Use technologies like AI and Machine Learning in your app to give a personalized experience to the users and understand their preferences. You can provide them deals and offers on products they frequently buy.

7. Other important features to add to your app

When you hire app developers for your grocery app, you must explain to them these extra features for the app:

  • Shopping list feature: So that the customers can add the products they need to buy later
  • Quick and smooth search: Properly categorize your products in the app so that it becomes easy for the user to search for a particular product. Finding a biscuit under the vegetable category is really awful. So, properly categorize the products.
  • Add to cart: One of the obvious features. People will add products to the cart and buy them sooner or later.
  • Deals and offers, payment options, order tracking, scheduled delivery time, ratings and reviews, emergency delivery – these are some of the common features that must be added.

8. Monetization of your app

Why are you creating an app? To get some ROI in your app. Here’s how to use apps like Instashop to make money. Follow these ideas to make money from your app:

  • Upcharge the item: This is one of the common monetization strategies that every online grocery app owner uses. You may use it for your platform as well. You can upcharge a product.
  • Add delivery charges: This is another monetization idea. You can set the delivery charge as per the location. If the delivery location is near, you may deliver the products without any extra cost. If it is far from the set distance, you may add the delivery charges.
  • Commission from the store owners: This strategy gets implemented when using the aggregator model. You can charge a small commission to every store owner that gets listed on your app.
  • Special advertising tricks: You can run ads on your app for the stores listed and get money from the store owners.

Programming Languages to use when Developing a Grocery App like Instashop?

Suppose you are developing a grocery app for an android platform, the programming language you need to use in Java. For an app on the iOS platform, you need SWIFT. For website development, you can use HTML, Javascript, and CSS, and for a web app, you may use C++ or C#.

If you are a coder/developer and know various programming languages, you can create a grocery app on your own as per your preferences. However, if you do not know the languages, you can hire a renowned and reputed software app development company for the best app development.

Now, if you are a businessman and looking to develop a grocery app, you must know the cost involved in the app development.

The grocery app development cost in India and the US depends on various aspects. Though it is comparatively cheaper to get a grocery app developed from a country like India, it isn’t simple to estimate the exact cost of grocery app development. Many factors need consideration when determining the cost involved in the grocery app development: Platform, business model, features, functionality, time frame, etc.

An Estimate of the Total Time to Develop a Grocery App:

  • Customer mobile app: Android/ iOS: 30-40 Days
  • Admin app: Android/iOS: 20-30 Days
  • Delivery app: 40-45 Days
  • API synchronization: 35-40 Days


So, the question remains. Is a grocery app worth it? The answer will be YES! With all the hype and buzz around, it has become essential to invest in grocery apps. People nowadays are considering ordering everything online due to the convenience and comfort these apps provide.

With the best online grocery apps like Grofers, Bigbasket, Grocway, individuals now have a more effortless and comfortable way of getting groceries at their doorstep.

So, if you are someone looking to develop a grocery app, make sure to search well and hire a dedicated mobile app development company that understands your concerns. Hire app developers as per your budget and requirements and create the best app that will rule the online world soon.

You can also connect with us to get free consultation services and develop your desired app at 60% less cost and stipulated time frame.  

All the best!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the InstaShop app work?

Instashop is a great way to have online shopping for groceries because it makes your life easier. You can order with one touch and get everything delivered right to your doorstep. There are no unnecessary costs, and you even get discounts! This mobile app is ideal for anyone too busy to deal with the grocery store.

In short, the Instashop app works as a shopping list that you can use to order all your groceries with one single touch. Once you’ve chosen the products you want, it’s just a matter of going down to the shop and picking them up – quick and easy!

Q. Why do grocery stores need a mobile app like Instashop?

E-commerce is now a key part of any retail business strategy. If you want to be competitive, it’s time to create a mobile app like Instashop. It will allow your customers to buy products from anywhere at any time, but the data you gather from the analytics can help improve your marketing campaign and customer service.

Q. What are the important features of a grocery app like Instashop?

When creating an effective mobile app for grocery stores, it’s important to include features that enable online customers to find the products they want, manage their orders, and track their deliveries. It’s equally important to build a mobile app that allows your clients to use coupons or refer your business to others.

Q. What do we require for the best grocery app development like Instashop?

For the best grocery app development like Instashop, you need to find an app development company with vast expertise in creating mobile apps for retail businesses. You should also lookout for the capabilities of the software company, i.e., whether they can develop on both iOS and Android platforms.

Q. How much does it cost to develop an app like Instashop?

Creating an app like Instashop can be challenging and time-consuming, but hiring mobile developers is an ultimate option if you have a modest budget for it. The starting price of $15 to 20 per hour might seem cheap compared to average costs between 10k – 25 thousand dollars for feature-rich apps on both iOS and Android platforms, respectively.

Q. What factors affect the cost of a grocery app like Instashop?

The factors that will affect the cost of creating an app like Instashop include the company’s rates, geographical location, and complexity. In addition to this, you should also see if the company has more than one mobile app developer on their team, as it might help them complete your project faster.

Q. How long does it take to develop an app like Instashop?

Creating an app like Instashop is a time-consuming task that can take several months or more before launching. However, the Instashop app development costing also depends on the number of features you need and the complexity of your grocery business. The average timeline for such apps can range from 7-12 weeks, depending on the project.

Q. How do we ensure a good app like Instashop is developed?

For a good app like Instashop, choose a company that has a proven track record of developing mobile apps for grocery businesses. It’s also essential to work with an App Development Company that offers end-to-end service and has good business domain expertise in eCommerce and mobile apps. Moreover, ensure to go with a company that has a strong focus on building scalable and secure apps.

Q. What is the future of grocery apps like Instashop?

A mobile app like Instashop can do a lot more than just helping you order groceries. It’s a must-have for any retail business as it gives people access to your inventory and allows them to purchase your products from anywhere at any time. Data from analytics help you improve your marketing campaign and better understand your customers. Ordering groceries has never been so easy!

According to the Forbes report, a staggering 53 million people are using mobile devices all day long. And, there is no denying that the count will only increase as technology becomes more common and relevant in our lives. 

Over the past few years, the grocery business has been multiplying, with e-commerce giants like Amazon doing their utmost to provide convenience for customers. In such a competitive retail scenario, it’s essential that your business not only fights with the big boys but wins in the market. A mobile app like Instashop is an excellent way to start this process.


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