Top 13 Educational App Development ideas for Startups

We cannot deny the fact that mobile applications have become a boon in our lives. It has become an essential part of our daily routine as well as social life. People are now more attracted to technology and are spending most of their free time on it.

If you’re thinking about app development, one of the first things to do is consider your target audience and how you can create an app that they’ll find helpful, entertaining, or both. 

Developing educational apps can be an excellent investment and time-saver for startup companies and an easy way to make money. Many ed-tech startups are also investing in the development of educational apps.

A report from Statista shows that global mEducation spending reached 37.8 billion dollars in 2020, up from 3.4 billion dollars in 2011.

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Being an ed-tech startup, if you’re looking to develop some best educational apps, here are the top thirteen educational app development ideas to help you get started in this growing field. 

Here we go!

Top 13 Educational App Development Ideas for Startups

Here’s a look at the top education-related apps that could benefit your company. 

1. Educational Apps That Promote Movement

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. If you’re a startup interested in developing educational apps, consider how you can incorporate movement into your learning platform

Your app could instruct kids on dance moves or teach them how to play different sports. These apps are beneficial when incorporated into an existing curriculum, as they can give students ways to apply classroom knowledge outside of school hours.


2. Apps for Learning Foreign Languages

Apps for Learning Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language can be intimidating, but using mobile apps to help makes it a more enjoyable and productive experience.

In today’s digital era, most people prefer to learn foreign languages through apps rather than textbooks. These apps offer a fun way to develop communication skills while learning about various cultures. 

If you are interested in creating your app, one of these top educational language-learning apps can inspire you.

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3. AR-based Education App

AR-based Education App

The initial concept is to use augmented reality in education and create a mobile app to teach and explain students in a new way. Teachers can utilize these applications to catch students’ interests and assist them in learning science topics and experiments in a realistic experience.

Students can use AR-based apps to study more about the universe, solar systems, and individual planets. Students will be able to see in 3D utilizing the instructional app, thanks to the AR app.

You can hire an app developer capable of developing all types of AR-based apps for various categories, whether you want to construct an Augmented Reality based education app for Android or iPhone utilizing RealityKit.

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4. App To Learn Programming Languages

Online education is a fast-growing industry, and many businesses are turning to educational app development to set themselves apart from their competitors. 

If you want to establish your own software product development company, focus on creating educational apps that teach programming languages

If you aren’t well versed in programming languages yourself, reach out to a few experts and ask them what they think would be valuable for educational purposes. From there, you can start building those apps and teaching people how to code.

Users can learn a new language in as little as 20 minutes per day. These apps generate lessons based on a given topic, introduce seven new words, and award skill points for each level.

You may also include a feature that allows students to assess their strengths and shortcomings to determine where they should focus their efforts.


5. Personal Tutor App

Personal Tutor App

For their educational demands, students are more likely to use online services. The personal tutor app allows students to communicate with an expert via an online platform. Students will be able to answer their questions by asking an experienced and expert effortlessly.

If necessary, the learner can use this app to ask questions and take notes from an experienced expert.


6. Educational Apps on Selling Online Courses

There is no doubt that advancements in technology have changed our lives and have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. It’s astonishing how quickly internet adoption spread all over different countries. 

People can now buy and sell online courses just by a few clicks on their laptops or even through a mobile app. Therefore, educational apps are in demand nowadays as they provide vast opportunities to students, teachers, tutors, or anyone who wants to share their knowledge through interactive learning programs online.


7. Educational Games and Quizzes App

games and quiz app

Creating an educational app featuring games and quizzes will improve students’ creative thinking and reasoning abilities. It’s an intriguing app that allows students of all ages to participate in educational quizzes and games.

When students practice general knowledge, math, and grammar questions on a single platform, they grow familiar with the questions and answer them in under a minute.


8. An App for Children with Disabilities

apps for disabled

A mobile application for disabled children is one of the great ideas that you can examine as an ed-tech firm. A disabled child’s mobile phone helps them learn and study from the comfort of their own home.

This application will be designed specifically for disabled students who are unable to attend regular courses and lectures. They will be able to use it to participate in live classes and communicate with lecturers in real-time.

The software will bridge the gap between teachers and disabled youngsters by providing a stable learning environment. As a result, developing an app based on this unique concept will help you stand out from the crowd.


9. Question and Answer App

Students find it challenging to search and prepare questions and answers for each chapter. As a result, based on their textbook, a Question and Answer App was created, allowing students to search and prepare answers quickly.

You can add another module to this application that has some more questions and answers to assist students in better preparing for their exams. Additionally, a test series is created for students to aid in their self-evaluation.

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10. Dictionary App

Dictionary app

A dictionary app is beneficial to people of all ages. As a result, it is advantageous to both students and teachers. And some professionals make extensive use of this type of application.

People used to carry 2000 to 3000-page dictionaries or a compact dictionary with them. It is undeniably time-consuming to look up the definition of a single word in a dictionary book.

Nowadays, though, everyone has a smartphone. People are increasingly enthusiastic about using apps. As a result, launching a dictionary app is a preferable way to keep things simple. After all, searching for words and their definitions takes less time with an app.


11. Application On Physical Exercise

A mobile app can help people in their physical exercises. This application will guide users regarding various activities and will keep track of their performances

The user can also share data with their friends and know which exercise is most suitable for them. Isn’t that amazing! Well, if you want to create such an application, reach out to a custom mobile app development company. They have a team of experts who are proficient in creating mobile applications of your choice.


12. School Bus App

school bus app

This application is for managing school buses, as the name implies. Some schools provide bus transportation for students, but manually managing the bus information is highly demanding.

To make their job easier, a school bus app can be developed that includes all of the bus information as well as a live bus tracking system.


13. Audio Book App

This is an entirely new approach to creating an educational app for your startup. You can create an Audiobook application. Users do not need to download or read books in order to use this app. It works similarly to listening to music; students can use this software to begin an Audiobook of any book.

Manually reading books or using an app can be challenging at times. When you travel or drive, for example. This time, you can use the Audio Book app to listen to the complete book without difficulty.

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Wrapping up

I’ve listed thirteen educational app concepts above that you can employ to digitalize your educational startup. More convenience and features are provided by developing a highly complex and feature-rich application.

Therefore, contact an eLearning app development company in India that specializes in educational apps. If you want to develop your educational app but don’t know where to begin, they can walk you through every process stage and recommend the best educational app ideas.

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Good luck!

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