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Get Ranked On Google With Our SEO Services

We identify your performance on Google and build a custom search engine optimization action plan that gives you immediate and long-lasting results. Here is the list of our top Google SEO services:


Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your website and web pages to increase your brand’s visibility and generate more organic reach.


Technical SEO Audit

We review your website metrics such as code and performance that affect Google rankings and provide fixes.


Keyword Research & Mapping

Our SEO experts discover an extensive list of potential keywords and map them to pages in an easy-to-understand way.


Backlink Analysis

Our experts help you acquire new authority backlinks from trusted sources and optimize your backlink profile.


Competitor Research & Analysis

Our experts conduct a thorough analysis of your competitor’s SEO tactics and help you rank and improve your Google rankings.


Content Strategy

We perform an in-depth analysis of content strategy and help you generate traffic and restore lost rankings due to the Google penalty.

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How Can Google SEO Help Your Business?

Google SEO services help your business reach new heights. You can improve your page visibility by working with an SEO agency. Here are four reasons to outsource Google SEO services:


Boost Organic Traffic

A perfect SEO strategy and potential keywords keep you ahead of your competitors on the Google results page and garner more organic traffic.


Enhance user experience

SEO makes browsers and users love your content as it’s more than just keyword stuffing.


Makes Your Business More Credible

A higher web page ranking on Google automatically makes you a trusted brand among your prospects.


Cost-effective Yet A Great Marketing Tool

An efficient SEO expert can help you reach a larger audience even though you pay lesser than costly ads and other marketing tools.

Why Outsource Google SEO?

Outsourcing Google SEO services helps businesses achieve their business goals faster and more efficiently than if they try to do that independently. Some of the key reasons why companies decide to outsource Google SEO services include:


Lower Costs

One of the primary reasons many businesses choose to take advantage of outsourcing SEO services for Google is cost savings. When outsourcing Google SEO, you don’t have to worry about the high costs of developing and maintaining an in-house SEO team. This can help you save a significant amount of money over time.


Expertise and Resources

When you outsource Google SEO, you gain access to a team of experts with the skills and knowledge needed to help your business succeed. These experts help you avoid mistakes and implement the best Google SEO practices.



Another reason many businesses outsource Google SEO is that it provides the scalability needed for improved growth. Because Google algorithms keep changing, it requires informed and experienced resources to scale your online and offline businesses.


Access to the Latest SEO Tools

Finally, outsourcing to a Google SEO provider can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in SEO. This ensures your business uses the most effective SEO tools to improve rankings and visibility.

Our Google SEO Strategies Work For All Industries

Being one of the best Google SEO service providers in India, we develop SEO strategies for almost all the major industries, including:


Banking & Financial

Our SEO experts ensure that your users easily find you and click through to your bank's website.



A good SEO strategy has multiple benefits for Fintech businesses, such as greater organic search traffic volumes and better ranking in Google’s search engine page result.



Our SEO experts employ strategies that improve Google rankings, website traffic, and patient growth compared to other medical providers.


Media & Entertainment

Our SEO tactics include proven practices to improve your visibility by helping you rank higher on SERPs.


Logistics & Transportation

Our Google SEO experts employ strategies that maximize RoI and effectively manage daily workflows.


Social Networks Solutions

Our SEO experts optimize your website so that it shows up in searches done by people seeking products or services your business offers.


Tours & Travel

We ensure your travel and tourism business appears in search results when prospects search for businesses like yours online.


Education & eLearning

We optimize your education and eLearning platforms and ensure that your courses appear on the top of the search engine result pages.


Retail & ECommerce

Our proven SEO strategies for eCommerce websites enhance the visibility of your online store and help you get more traffic and sales.

Get Detailed Information On Google SEO Services

Here is our complete guide on Google SEO Services that you can consider for your website. It helps you learn about the process, get detailed information, and choose the right team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions related to Google SEO services that our clients frequently ask; if you don’t find what you are looking for here, please get in touch with us.

How can PixelCrayons help your website?

Google’s algorithm scans the internet, finds websites, and indexes them in its database. When your prospects search for the services or products you offer, Google runs through its database of indexed websites and shows the most relevant pages. There are limited details available about how Google ranks websites. PixelCrayons take the information Google has provided and employs its best experts to determine your website ranks on the first page.

When will your Google SEO campaigns start showing results?

That depends on your website’s quality, industry competitiveness, and SEO implementation. However, it can take four to six weeks for Google SEO to work its magic and start generating results for your website.

Can PixelCrayons help me increase the organic reach of my website?

Yes. That’s what we do! We employ our knowledge and the best resources to help your website rank on page one. Our SEO practices focus on increasing your website’s organic reach and improving search engine rankings. Here are some of the steps we perform to increase the organic reach of your website:

  1. Use keyword-rich titles. We ensure that relevant keywords are available in the title. This helps your post appear in the search results when people search for those keywords.
  2. Use keywords throughout your post. In addition to using keywords in the title, we also use them throughout the body of your post. But we avoid overusing keywords or stuffing your post with them – this hurts your chances of ranking well in the search results.
  3. Optimize your images. We suggest relevant keywords in the file name and fill out the alternate text field with a brief image description. This helps Google index your images and improve your chances of appearing in image search results.
  4. Link to other blogs and websites. When you link to other blogs or websites, you’re helping to improve your own site’s visibility.

How many years of experience does your team have in Google SEO?

We boast a highly efficient and experienced team of Google SEO experts. While our SEO specialists have more than five years of experience, we also ensure they are regularly updated on the latest search engine algorithm changes.

What other marketing services can I purchase from PixelCrayons?

Along with SEO services, we also offer content creation, social media marketing, website development, web and mobile app development, and a wide range of other benefits.

Which SEO tools do PixelCrayons SEO experts use?

We use Google Analytics, Moz, and Ahrefs. These tools help us track your website’s traffic, keywords, etc. These premium tools allow us to research your competition and find new ways to improve your digital footprints.

What will be included in my monthly SEO reports?

Our monthly SEO reports, which include a comprehensive Google SEO audit, provide detailed information about the impact of our work on your website’s traffic and rankings during that month. The reports also highlight any changes or updates required for your website’s SEO strategy in the future.

What is your process for choosing target keywords?

We start by looking at your website’s current traffic and rankings to get an idea of which keywords are already performing well. Then, we use various tools and methods to research which other keywords would be good targets for your SEO campaign. This includes looking at competitor websites, analyzing search engine trends, and more.

How do I choose the best SEO company for my website?

There are several things to consider when choosing a Google SEO company.

  • The most important factor is whether or not the company can deliver on its promises.
  • Make sure to read reviews and get referrals from other businesses before making your decision.
  • Another important thing to consider is the price. While you want to ensure you’re getting quality services, you also don’t want to overspend.
  • Get quotes from a few different companies before making your final decision.
  • Finally, communicate your goals and expectations with the company you choose. This will help them create a customized plan for your website.

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