Expertise of Our Developers

Hire developers from PixelCrayons to leverage their experience and expertise in:


Back-end Development

Our back-end development team delivers secure solutions, tailored to meet your requirements and enables you to unlock your digital ideas with reliable back-end code.

Technology Stack

When you hire developers in India from PixelCrayons, you will find experts holding 5+ years of average experience in web and mobile app development. The team also follows the Agile development process and DevOps approach to execute the development process within a stipulated time frame. Have a look at the core technology competence which you get when you hire coders in India:

  • hire-mobility-icon1
  • hire-mobility-icon2
  • hire-mobility-icon3
  • hire-mobility-icon4
  • hire-mobility-icon5
  • hire-mobility-icon6
  • hire-mobility-icon7
    React Native
  • hire-mobility-icon8


We are trusted by multiple businesses and fortune 500 companies when it comes to offering mobility solutions. You will get desirable mobile application development when you hire our developers well-versed in the latest mobile app development technology and platforms.

  • hire-web-icon1
  • hire-web-icon2
  • hire-web-icon3
  • hire-web-icon4
  • hire-web-icon5
    MERN Stack

Web and Full Stack

You can rely on us if you are looking to hire coders for your web and full-stack projects. We offer developers for hires with in-depth expertise in creating intuitive UI & UX designs and the latest technology integration to companies of varying sizes. Here are some technologies our qualified developers have expertise in.

  • hire-microsoft-icon1
  • hire-microsoft-icon2
  • hire-microsoft-icon3
  • hire-microsoft-icon4

Microsoft Technologies

We have a team of programmers with expertise in Microsoft technologies. You can hire our professional developers with tech skills in developing applications using Microsoft technologies. Here are some Microsoft technologies our coders have mastered.

  • hire-java-icon1
  • hire-java-icon2
  • hire-java-icon3
  • hire-java-icon4
    React JS
  • hire-java-icon5
    Angular JS

Java and JavaScript

Our skilled team of Java developers holds deep expertise in Java and Javascript technologies. You can hire Java developers and programmers. You can hire Java developers and programmers from us to develop web or mobile applications with the following technology stacks in Java and JavaScript.

  • hire-ecommerce-icon1
  • hire-ecommerce-icon2
  • hire-ecommerce-icon3
  • hire-ecommerce-icon4
  • hire-ecommerce-icon5

eCommerce and CMS

We are one of the early players in eCommerce and CMS development services. Since our establishment in 2004, we have created thousands of web or mobile applications for eCommerce and CMS. You can rent a developer from our team to develop your web and mobile applications using several eCommerce and CMS platforms.

  • hire-digi-icon1
  • hire-digi-icon2
  • hire-digi-icon3
  • hire-digi-icon4
    Content Writer

Digital Marketing

Our professional digital marketing services are driven to increase your online visibility and customer base. Our experienced digital marketing experts work closely with you to understand your business objectives and create a customized digital marketing plan to help you achieve your desired results.

Ready to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Get expert resources who work as your extended team and build scalable & interactive web and mobile apps as per your business requirements.

Why Choose PixelCrayons for Hiring Developers in India?

PixelCrayons is one of India’s most trusted companies offering dedicated developers for hire. According to top rating agencies like GoodFirms and Clutch, we are one of India’s leading companies. Here are some facts that make us stand out in providing software development.

Error-free Coding

Hire top developers from PixelCrayons, with an average of 5+ years of technical expertise to create error-free coding.

Agile Development Process

Our team of developers and coders in India follows a quick and agile development process to ensure on-time project delivery.

Easy Communication

All our programmers and coders are excellent at English Speaking and coordinate with clients on Skype, chats, emails, etc.

No Contract Lock-ins

There are no mandatory long-term agreements, allowing for flexibility and easy termination of services.

Hire Developers of Your Choice

You can hire dedicated Indian developers of your choice by reviewing our developers’ resumes.

WorkstatusTM - powered Proof of Work

Transparent tracking and verification of remote developers' productivity to effectively monitor & optimize the workforce.

Quick & Easy Onboarding

We make the entire process of hiring Indian developers simple to expedite the onboarding process.

100% Client Satisfaction

The developers at PixelCrayons ensure the best-in-class services that go beyond your expectations.

Timely Deliverables

Our experienced developers and coders have a record of 95% timely completion of the projects.

Ready to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Get expert resources who work as your extended team and build scalable & interactive web and mobile apps as per your business requirements.

Covering All Major Industries

When you hire a programmer in India, you get a team holding years of experience developing industry-specific applications. Let’s take a glance at the industries they have expertise in:



Our dedicated Indian developers deliver health applications that provide you with healthcare access and fewer diagnostic errors


Media & Entertainment

Our experienced developers deliver media and entertainment applications that increase your brand visibility and sales.



Our developers for hire offer Logistics and Transportation solutions that help you smoothly manage your business.


Publishing and Advertising

We develop apps for reading that offer better user experiences and boost your ROI.


Travel & Tourism

We have substantial expertise in providing Travel and Tourism based web and mobile applications.


Education & Elearnings

We have built multiple eLearning apps that bridge the gap between tutors and students.


Retail & eCommerce

Get eCommerce websites and applications developed with intuitive UI and user-friendly UX design.

Our Case Studies

Learn about our clients’ success stories and see how our development team has improved their systems and processes. Browse through our in-depth case studies for insights and inspiration.



SimSim is a web-based searching platform created by our experienced developers. It gives you the facility to search for any product or service by filtering them according to their categories. It provides a panel for each type of user, whether a buyer or a seller.



Created by our developers, this software solution is designed for the Milanese to allow them to make the perfect guides with those who are in town recently or stop short and do not want to miss a single minute but want to live in the most dynamic city of Italy at the top! Each place has been carefully selected.

Book Exchange Place

Book Exchange Place

Book Exchange Place is an online website that helps users find second-hand textbooks at great prices and than it sells your used textbook for the same price. Bookstores and online buyback programs buy your textbook for under half of...

Ad Display App

Ad Display App

This PHP-based application is developed to help users display their ads by finding the best advertisers nearby. With a great list of advertisers, they can select their preferred advertiser and then submit the details of the ads they want to display.



Invoicera is an online invoicing software for freelancers, small businesses, and enterprises. It is a web app with multiple features like invoicing, estimate, time tracking, project management, and expense management.



Eatigo is a restaurant reservation app created by our PHP developers. Available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and India, Eatigo has seated over 4 million diners across the region and .......



Joblane is a highly feature-rich and interactive job portal to enable job seekers and employers to find perfect matches for their requirements. It is not only a job-seeking portal but a knowledge-sharing portal through its various informative tools like…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of the questions you may have (do get in touch if your query isn’t answered here):

How to hire a developer?

To hire a developer, you can follow these steps:

  • Determine your project requirements and the skill set you need in a developer
  • Post a job listing on job boards and social media platforms
  • Review resumes and applications to shortlist candidates
  • Conduct technical interviews to assess their coding skills and experience
  • Ask behavioral questions to understand their work style and team fit
  • Check references and ask for samples of their work
  • Negotiate compensation and make a job offer to the selected candidate

Why should you hire Indian developers from PixelCrayons?

PixelCrayons is a CMMI Level 3 IT & Software Outsourcing company in India. Our application and website programmers for hire hold vast and proven experience in helping clients from all business verticals. The below-mentioned points show our work and our commitment to the business:

  • Get a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your project
  • Expertise in completing projects for 500+ US/European clients
  • 18+ years in business, dedicated to the offshore execution model
  • AI-driven task monitoring & 100% bug-free coding
  • Advanced technology integration & Easy & fast communication

How much does it cost to hire a programmer?

The cost of hiring a programmer might vary depending on the project’s scale, location, and the programmer’s expertise and skill set. In general, programmers often earn between $30 and $150 per hour in pay. The annual cost of hiring a full-time programmer can range from $60,000 to $150,000, including benefits and other fees.

Can I hire a software developer for hourly or project-based tasks?

Whether you are building a new app, need assistance with tech support from our team, or want help to launch your next app, we will be happy to send a quote and proposal for you.

If you are still wondering about choosing a website to hire programmers, contact our business developers today. Depending on the type of software developer you are looking for, and the project you have in mind, we will help you with the right resources.

An hourly contract might be ideal if your project is smaller or more manageable. On the other hand, if your project is larger or more complex and needs full-time attention from a software developer, then hiring developers on a project basis might be best for you.

How can I monitor the performance of the hired developers?

Performance monitoring is essential to ensure that the hired developers meet your organization’s expectations. By monitoring the performance of the hired developers, you can identify and raise any issues before they become more serious. Therefore, we offer our clients multiple performance monitoring tools.

Some of the project management tools that you can use to track your developers’ performance include Git, Zoho, Bitbucket, Trello, etc.

You can also reach us via phone calls, emails, skype, and many other communication modes.

Besides, we send you weekly and monthly reports and keep you updated on the project’s progress. You can also participate in our scrum meets and get your questions answered in real time.

How much time do your developers take to finish a project?

It entirely depends upon the application you want us to develop. Every project needs different technicalities, according to which we assign the developers to our clients. They follow the agile development methodology and encourage transparency amongst customers. If you’re looking for a reliable website to hire programmers for my startup project, contact PixelCrayons now!

Do you provide support and maintenance services after project completion?

At PixelCrayons, we are dedicated to giving our clients ongoing support and maintenance after completing their projects. We acknowledge that technology is continually changing, and your business necessities can also alter over time. To ensure we can accommodate all needs, we provide customizable support plans that can be adapted to any situation.

Client Success Stories

We are pleased to serve our clients and take great pride in delivering quality services that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us: